Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Report from Sunday

This is a little late but better late then never! ;) So Sunday went really well and I think that we all really enjoyed ourselves even though we were nervous singing. We have heard several good reports that we did a great job and that makes us feel really good. There were literally hundreds of people there and that is what made us so nervous! But we wrote our own song and sang it acappella in a round.

Things this week. Today mom and dad are leaving for Des Moines for a meeting and then going to Oskaloosa  for the pastors Christmas party...So that leaves all of us kids here at home to...PARTY! Just kidding! We will be cleaning, doing school work, and organizing our rooms while they are gone. (Yes, mom and dad gave us a list.) And they won't get home till around 9:30 or 10:00 tonight.

Wednesday dad is going to be preparing for youth group and doing church stuff. And we will just be having a regular day (well as regular as a day can get for us) which includes school work, cleaning, lots of cooking, organizing and other things like that.

Thursday is Xavier's birthday! He will be 1. So we will be making a cake and I know that Emily and I are really excited about making it! Also Emily has her first band concert and she plays the flute. She is very excited but kind of nervous because the flutes sit in the front row.

Friday mom has a job so she won't be home and that leaves all the kids to do our schoolwork without her. And dad will be mostly at the church helping out our secretary to give her work to do, but he normally stops in often and he is always here for lunch.

Saturday we are going to be doing a Christmas service in Blakesburg. The theme is Keeping Christ in Christmas and we were asked to sing a special (Away in a Manger) and talk about how we, as a family will be keeping Christ in Christmas. There will also be other families talking and sharing how they will be doing that and there will be caroling as well.

So there is an update on what will be happening this week. :)

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13


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  1. Hello Dittmers!
    I'm guessing you all have been busy.... (grins!)
    We have updated over on our blog, though, so you can go there if you wish! Many blessings,
    Allison B