Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bontragers Visit

On June 24-26 the Bontrager family came to our church to sing on Sunday and stayed for a few days to visit and sing for the WHO Tractor Ride in Centerville. We had such an amazing time with them and were so blessed by their company! We had a total of 22 people at our house (they have 10 children and our family has 8). Cooking for so many people was so fun! We played games, ate, had devotions together, ate, went shopping, ate, had great discussions, oh and did I mention that we ate?! Here are a "few" pics of the fun time our families had together! :)

The Bontrager Family

The Huddle
Hey guys... Do you think we can manage that?

Sibling Cooperation II
Mission Accomplished!

A very intense game of chess
between Joshua and Denver

Taylor, Hudson, Caleb, Philip, and Anna playing
Jr. Monopoly

Lots of talking

At the Band Shelter

The line up of the family

A game of Mancala between Emily and Chelsy
and Mitchell and Joshua playing chess

Carson, Mitchell, Me (Alesha), Emily Caleb, and Joshua
played a long game of Monopoly on Monday night...

We didn't go to bed till 12:30...
Carson won

The bus in front of our house

Mitchell and Xavier saying "cheese"!

Emily getting some tips from Mitchell on the guitar


We all enjoyed racing in Sudoku while we ate

Such a full house! :)

Smiles from the little ones and one of the awesome
castles they built.

Getting ready to pray before they leave.


Philip showing Taylor and Carson how he manages
to climb the tree.

More hugs!

When the bus was finally out of view Xavier started crying as he
sat on the steps... He said "They left us!"
It was so sad but very cute at the same time!

Thanks again for the wonderful visit! We were so blessed to have you in our home for a few days. We all look forward to seeing you on Labor Day! :)

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  1. amazing post. You guys are so sweet and such a blessing to our family! Thanks again for you fantastic hospitality. We had a total blast!
    Allison (for the clan)