Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last blog post January 2014.  Hmmmmm. That's interesting.  A few things have happened since that time.  Two being a wedding and pregnancy.  Oldest got married..... but she is not the one pregnant.  Her time will come.  It is interesting have the oldest moved out and a new one to come in.
Life is always on the move, God has given us ao much grace on this journey of life we are on.  Over the past 22 months there have been a multitude of ups and downs, and God has been very gracious through them. We don't always handle them as good as we should, but we will continue to do what we do with as much heart as anyone.
I am trying to post this from my phone to see if it would cause me to post occasionally.  It is at least a try  :)
Here are a couple of random pictures I have on my phone.

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  1. Great pictures Brad!! Congrats on the mariage and the pregnancy!!!!! I love the wedding dress, it is beautiful! Looks like ya'll are doing well.. Im gald! Hope to see you guys again soon!!
    -Mark Williams