Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun Weekend

This weekend we went to Des Moines because dad had to go to ISOM (Iowa School of Ministry) so that he could do his classes and get closer to ordination! :) So while dad was at his classes, we (all the kids and mom) went to our grandparents' house. Some of the things we did, include the following: Cook Cheeseburger soup, paint our nails, build an amazing roller coaster contraption thingy, read. Alesha practiced the piano, and we visited with our cousins Eric and Luke and our Aunt Lisa! And, yes, dad did pass his test! :)

Caleb browned the hamburger for the cheeseburger soup

Philip's job was to separate 3 packages of cheese. 

Anna peeled potatoes.

Olivia cut the cheese in half. 

Caleb and Anna cutting the potatoes in cubes and Olivia cutting the cheese.

Me (Alesha) adding everything together.

Pouring in the half and half.

This is what the boys worked on while us girls did our nails!
It is amazing! It's a roller coaster that when you turn it on, the car goes around it.

By the way, they had worked on that before. They didn't complete that
in one weekend! :)

Evidence that Xavier really wasn't sleeping. ;)

Our nails! To clarify, since you can't see it very well, Olivia's are purple with 
glitter on top, Anna's is a zebra print, and mine (Alesha) are black french tipped 
with white polka dots. (Emily really doesn't like getting her nails done, so she read a book
while we did this) 

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, 
bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2

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