Thursday, January 27, 2011

Babysitting and Lots of Cookies!

Well Alesha got the privilege to babysit two boys Jayden and Ethyn. All the kids love it when she babysits because we always play lots of games and have extra fun! It had just snowed a bunch, so we decided to go play in the snow and they had a blast. Then all the kids came in and had cocoa and ate lunch. After that we all made sugar cookies! Here are some pics of our adventures of the day.

Fun in the snow!

Snow angels! 

cocoa after playing in the cold snow.


Getting ready to decorate homemade sugar cookies.

Happy Xavier

Say Cheese!

Look at those artistic kids.

Emily rolling out the dough

Very pretty

Each child got to make their own plate of 3 cookies.

Emily made this and it was a great idea!

Alesha (on right) and Emily's (on left) plates.

This was Alesha's idea, first you have the wedding bells,
then a heart, and then BANG! 7 kids haha :)

Overall we had a very eventful and fun day! Praise God for friends to come over and play!

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