Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long Weekend, and Tiredness

We had a very busy weekend. We had a marriage banquet for couples in our church, and Alesha served and prepared all of the food with another girl from our church. Emily stayed home all weekend with the kids and did a wonderful job watching them while mom, dad, and Alesha were at the church preparing and serving. On Thursday Emily, Alesha and 4 other ladies from our church came and decorated for the marriage banquet. We didn't get home till 10. Then on Friday we left for the church at 4 and the night was filled with spaghetti, meatballs, toast, desserts; like, chocolate cavity maker cake, pecan pie, and raspberry pie. I served and that was a lot of fun, what wasn't fun was the huge pile of dishes (we had over 20 people there) that we had to wash afterwards and we had to be extra careful because we used china dishes to make it extra special. Then mom went home as soon as it was finished around 9ish to go help Emily with the kids, dad and I didn't get home till 11 from cleaning up and talking. We were exhausted! Then we woke up on Saturday and got to church around 8:30 and I didn't have to serve till around 11:30 but we (Alyssa the girl I was serving with) had to prepare the food and get everything ready. Overall I think it was great! Mom and dad both said that everyone enjoyed the food that we prepared and thought the decorations and candles made an excellent touch. I would like to say that Emily really wanted to help out and serve (which would have been a huge help) but she needed to stay home and watch the kids. Here are just a few pics of what our weekend held for us. :)

Some of the tables and couples that were there

Some more couples.

Alyssa and I after everything was done!

The front decorative table that we put together

The chocolate fountain and some of the food that went with it! :)

Overall this has been a fun, exciting, tiring, eventful weekend. I just wanted to say again thank you to Emily for sacrificing and watching all of the younger kids while we were gone. I love you Emily and thanks! 

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