Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School, Socks, and a Spider

Today mom and dad were out of town for a depo so all of us kids were at home and we had a very productive and fun day at the same time. We matched lots of socks, did school cleaned up the house and Philip found a spider.

One of the joys of having a large family... 
lots and lots of socks to match.

Xavier found his way into the sock container. 
He's so cute!

So excited to match socks! haha

I have been given the new joyous task of teaching
Anna, Philip, and Olivia! Since mom is so close to having Ella
mom wanted me to take over so she can focus on the baby and 
have a break for a while. I'm so excited to be teaching them 
it has been such a fun new task!

The grand daddy long leg that Philip is holding.

Working through some spellings on Anna's English.

So excited to do school with Alesha!

Intently working on English.

Today has been such a great day even though mom and dad were gone all day. God is so good for blessing us with such an amazing family!

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