Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hawkeye vs. Cyclone Game

Last Saturday was the Cy-Hawk game and it was a great game! Although the Hawkeye's fought valiantly and went into 3 overtimes for the win...The Cyclones won the game. So at least some of our family was happy with the outcome of the game. Since we don't have a television we listened to it on the radio and even listening to it it was an incredibly intense game! Here are some pics of us kids enjoying our time eating chips and dip, eating mom's famously made party mix, and frantically packing for family camp that we left for the next day during the commercials.

All smiles!

 We like different teams but we won't let it be divide us!


Even though we are on different teams 
we still love and support each other!

Alesha, Caleb, Philip, and Olivia are all Hawkeyes. Emily and Anna are Cyclones. Even through the intensity of the game we all still enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful day.

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