Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We hope that you all had a very blessed and fun Thanksgiving with your families! Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving.

The adults are finishing up the food while all the kids
take turn snitching from the counter! :)

Part of the food. Yum!

Table #1: Jack, Caleb, Olivia, Emily, 
Olivia, and Grace 

Table #2: Xavier, Mother, Philip, Dad, and Ella,

Table #3: Grandpa Ron, Grandma Jacque, Mrs. Jan, 
Uncle Jason, Aunt Heather, and me! :)

An intense game of clue!

Playing dress up like princesses 
(but they already are anyways)!

Caleb building

Jack Building

I took this picture of Ella in the bus and I couldn't
help but laugh so I thought I would share it! :)

We had an amazing time of fellowship with family and an awesome Thanksgiving dinner! The only thing I didn't get pictures of (because I was participating in it) was our awesome nerf gun battle! It. Was. Epic! We were all running around like crazy shooting at each other for at least an hour and a half! It was so much fun! The best part of the whole day was spending time with our family. Some of the thing I know our family is thankful for...Family, Friends, Our Church, Our Home, and our Savior Jesus Christ! I hope you all had an amazingly blessed Thanksgiving just like we did! :)

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