Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Week!

This week mother, Alesha, Anna, and Ella went to Ceder Rapids for mother's job. While Dad, Emily, Caleb, Philip, Olivia, and Xavier stayed home. While they were away we played games, cleaned the house, and started something new for the whole family. 

Friday we went to go see Michelle Bachmann here in town. After seeing all this about becoming the President. Caleb printed up some papers that read, CALEB FOR PRESIDENT. So we went with the flow and Philip joined. Well they gave their speeches at lunch and we voted Saturday at Lunch. And Philip was voted on as President. 

Dad and I came home on Wednesday with some mini Nerf guns. We enjoyed those Nerf guns so much that we got seven of them for Christmas. 

We invited some friends over tonight and ambushed them when they got into the hallway.
They stayed until 11:00 o'clock playing Nerf guns with them. 

God has truly blessed us this year. We have gotten another sibling, and we have gotten so much closer as a family.

Thank you God for your sacrifice in sending your son for us. 

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