Monday, December 26, 2011


Like Emily said last night...Merry Christmas! We definitely had one of the best Christmas' that we've ever had! It was such a great day filled with, lots of candies, Christmas music, games, playing the Wii, and a Nerf gun war! We made for our "Christmas candies" on Saturday. They were all very delicious! Here are some pictures of our fun filled day!

Mother and I both baking some sweets!

Nothing is cuter than that! :)

Baking lots of cookies with lots of little hands!

Emily getting ready to roll out the dough.

Lots of decorating!

Lots and lots of chocolate cover pretzels that I made!

Some of our goodies!

 Molasses crinkle cookies, sugar cookies, cookies cut out sugar cookies,
 chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter balls, hay stacks, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Ella is so cute! Her shirt says 
"I'm new around here!"

Ham, turkey, and white rolls

Ham, relish tray, corn, fresh pineapple, wheat rolls

Enjoying our meal.

Cheesy smiles from Xavier.

Pass the food pass the food like this. :)

Our meal was so relaxing and peaceful and it wasn't rushed.
It was definitely an amazing time getting to eat and spend
time around the table without feeling pressured! 

Handing out presents

(and Philips bow and arrow)

We had a blast with our Christmas presents yesterday!

Andrew and Megan came over to join our Nerf 
gun war and we were so glad they came to join the fun

Get ready to be shot! Mwahaha! ;)

At first I thought the glasses that came with the guns were really
dumb and cheesy...that is... until I got shot in the eye!
Now I love the glasses!!! Haha

A huge thank you to Mom and Dad for the Christmas presents and the amazing day that we got to spend together! It was such a relaxing day and was a blast! We hope that you all had an amazing Christmas too!
Merry Christmas from the Dittmers!

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